What is innit short for?

Isn't it

Innit is short for "isn't it," which many people use online and in texts to say "Yes, I agree" or "Don't you agree?" For example, you might tweet, "Beautiful day for a bbq, innit?"

Various cultures have contracted "isn't it" to "innit," including Londoners, Indians, and Pakistanis. Also, it is a common slang term in Black culture, whether online, in rap songs, or just conversing on the front step.

An example of when you might see innit online is when messaging with a buddy, and he sends a pic of his new car with the caption, "Sweet whip, innit?" Or, your co-worker may text you, "Good day for lunch on the patio, innit?"


Innit time for a new fit?
U know it, bro!
Innit tweet
Innit tweet

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Updated November 10, 2022

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