What website metric does INP stand for?

Interaction to Next Paint

INP is a Core Web Vital that evaluates a webpage's responsiveness. It measures the latency of user interactions, such as clicks, taps, and keyboard strokes, with page elements and reports the lengthiest times, excluding anomalies (the lower the INP score, the better).

For instance, INP can effectively communicate user interactions, such as a user tapping an expandable accordion menu, typing in an input field, or clicking an item to add it to a shopping cart. This metric is a helpful tool for SEO professionals and web developers, empowering them to analyze and optimize their website's performance.

Origin of INP

Google introduced the Interaction to Next Paint (INP) metric in March 2024, effectively replacing the First Input Delay (FID) metric, one of three core web vitals Google introduced in 2020. INP improves upon FID by measuring all of the page interactions instead of just the first interaction, making it a better indicator of the page's entire responsiveness.


I was analyzing our site's INP in Google Analytics and found these issues
Thanks for finding these!
X post about the upcoming move to INP
X post about the upcoming move to INP

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Updated April 8, 2024

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