What is intel short for?


Intel is an abbreviation for "intelligence" people use for secret or not yet public information. People may use it in formal contexts (e.g., a military officer may be looking for intel on the whereabouts of a spy) or informal situations (e.g., when you want to know whether your friends are expecting a baby).

You may see or hear people use it in real life (IRL), online, and in messages. For example, you might ask your friend about the intel on his sister and if she's available to date. Or, your co-worker may ask you if you got any intel from the boss on who's getting fired by the company.

People use intel similar to 411, which also refers to information. Additionally, people may use tea instead of intel when the information is gossip.


Do u have the intel on whether or not John and Kim are dating yet?
Don't tell anyone, but I saw some texts from Kim on John's phone!
Tweet about whether or not intel is trustworthy online
Tweet about whether or not intel is trustworthy online

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Updated May 8, 2023

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