Introvert Hangover

What is an introvert hangover?

Fatigue after spending time with people

An introvert hangover is the exhaustion an introvert experiences after spending extended time with people. Typically, introvert hangovers occur after parties, work functions, and holiday gatherings.

If you're an introvert, you've already experienced an introvert hangover. But for those extroverts out there, an introvert hangover doesn't come from alcohol. Instead, it comes from having to be "on" with people in conversation, playing games, etc., for a prolonged period.

Remedies for an introvert hangover

The best remedy for an introvert hangover is alone time doing nothing. For example, after attending a wedding ceremony and reception, the next day calls for a whole day without any responsibilities to cure the introvert hangover.


Where's Tom?
He's at home. He had an introvert hangover from the couples weekend with friends
Introvert hangover tweet
Introvert hangover tweet

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Updated January 5, 2023

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