What does ghosted mean?


When a person is ghosted, they are left by someone without a goodbye, making them feel abandoned. People may be ghosted in various contexts, most prominently when gathering with others and in relationships.

An example of being ghosted at a gathering is when you hold a birthday party for some friends, and one of them leaves during the party without saying goodbye. Getting ghosted like this is usually very annoying cause you don't get a chance to say goodbye.

People are also commonly ghosted in relationships, which can be soul-crushing for the ghosted individual. In these situations, the ghosting culprit may disappear without a trace because they are too anxious or immature to break up with their partner. Or, they are scared of further commitment. Females are often ghosted in relationships, but males can be ghosted too.


Julie was ghosted 2 weeks before her wedding and is just devastated. Kevin just disappeared and no one has seen him since
Who can ghost the other first?
Who can ghost the other first?

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Updated May 10, 2022

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