Invisible Step

What does invisible step mean?

A dance move that involves pretending to step on an step

Invisible step is a dance move where a person pretends to step on, then over, an invisible step. The move started to gain popularity in 2014 but it gained the most fame when a video of cheerleader Ariel Olivar doing the move went viral in December 2017.

The move consists of a person touching the invisible step, then lifting one foot to "step" on the step then pushing off with the other foot to make it seem like she is stepping on and over the invisible step. Obviously, there is no step so the person performing the move must have enough strength and control to create the illusion that she is stepping on a step. The move may be done when actually dancing or just for fun to show off to other people. The move is also known as invisible box.


My mom just tried to do the invisible step then pulled her hamstring.
bahaha, I'm dead.

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Updated December 6, 2017

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