Jack Up

What does it mean to jack up something?


When someone jacks up something, like the price of a TV or the features on their truck, they jack it up. The phrase comes from the jack mechanical lifting device used to lift heavy loads, such as a car or deck post.

People most often use "jack up" to describe (typically in a complaining manner) the increased cost of something. For example, you may tell your friend, "I had to walk away from the offer when they jacked up the price again."

You may also see or hear people describe things as getting jacked up when they get wrecked. For example, if your leg is broken in a car accident, your leg and car both get jacked up.


The skeezy salesman bragged about jacking up the price of the car after getting the customer to take a test drive
Wow, that's shady

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Updated February 15, 2023

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