Jacked Up

What does it mean when something is jacked up?


If someone or something is messed up, destroyed, broken, etc., it's jacked up. For example, if you twist your ankle on the street curb while thinking about your failing romantic relationship, you might say both your ankle and love life are jacked up.

"Jacked up" is a common phrase you may hear in person or see online in various contexts. For example, you might hear that your friend's car was jacked up in an accident, read that a house got jacked up in a hurricane, or hear a commentator remark, "The QB got jacked up by the defensive lineman."

People may also say they got jacked up from alcohol or drug consumption. It may have given them a headache, nausea, hallucinations, etc.


Dang, she jacked up his new Mercedes
Good reminder to not make your gf mad
Tweet about Mahomes' jacked up ankle
Tweet about Mahomes' jacked up ankle

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Updated February 15, 2023

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