What does it mean when a person's physique is jacked?

Incredibly muscular

When describing a person's physique, "jacked" means they are very muscular. For example, if your friend takes his shirt off to go swimming and has noticeable muscles, you may remark, "Whoa, when did you get so jacked?!?"

You will most likely see "jacked" in bodybuilding contexts. For example, your buddy may text you, "Going to the gym to get jacked! You in?"

However, the term is well-known for describing muscularity and non-fitness people may use it. For example, people on Twitter may react to an actor getting jacked for a superhero role.


One of the biggest glow-ups in Marvel history is Kumail Nanjiani getting jacked
Chris Pratt got jacked, too!
Tweet about a jacked streamer
Tweet about a jacked streamer

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Updated February 15, 2023

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