Pink Tax

What is the pink tax?

Increased prices on women's products

When someone talks about the pink tax, they're referring to the tendency for products marketed specifically to women to be higher-priced than those marketed to men. This includes products that both men and women use, such as shoes, razors, toys, and clothing, and products that only women use, such as tampons.

What are some examples of the pink tax?

Some examples of the pink tax include:

  • At some sporting goods stores, the "women's" version of boots, clothing, and other gear costs up to 10% more than the "men's" version, though the products are indistinguishable
  • According to a 2015 New York City Department of Consumer Affairs report, Schick Hydro razor refills marketed to women (and packaged in purple packaging) cost 23% more than the same refills marketed to men (packaged in blue packaging)
  • According to the same study, red Radio Flyer scooters cost $25, while the exact same scooter painted pink costs $49

Additionally, in the U.S., while many states do not apply sales tax to medical and health supplies, that exemption often does not include tampons. This "tampon tax" is an additional form of pink tax.

What is the impact of the pink tax?

The pink tax forces women to pay higher prices for products they need or that are marketed specifically to them. As a result, women can buy fewer products than men. In this way, the pink tax contributes to gender-based financial inequality.


I went to Cabela's the other day, and the pink tax on women's items there is insane! My wife's never going back there
A Twitter user who explained the pink tax to her child
A Twitter user who explained the pink tax to her child

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Updated May 7, 2021

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