What kind of drink is java?


Java is a common nickname for "coffee" (it's also the name of a computer programming language). People may use it in various contexts, including online, when messaging, and in real life.

For example, if your friend had a rough night with their newborn, you might text them, "Can I bring over some java for you and Antonio?" Or, you might rave about your favorite coffee shop online, saying, "This is the place to go for the best java!"

Origin of java

The slang term "java" originates from the 1800s when coffee became popular. At the time, most coffee beans came from Java, an Indonesian island, which led people to refer to coffee as "java." While coffee beans come from all over the world now, the java name persists, with people using the term to refer to coffee in general.


How do you take your java?
Straight black. No frills
Tweet from a user adoring their cup of java
Tweet from a user adoring their cup of java

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Updated July 5, 2023

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