Latte Papa

What is a latte papa?

An attractive Swedish dad

A latte papa is a slang term that refers to a very attentive and attractive Swedish dad. This type of father can often be found in coffee shops (hence the "Latte" name) and parks around Sweden, wearing designer clothes, and toting around one or more kids.

This type of stylish dad gained prominence in Sweden in the 2010s as the country introduced an extensive family leave program. Through the program, both parents receive a collective 480 days and the parents can choose who gets to use them. This has led to more dads staying home with the kids and has allowed more women to pursue their careers.

Now, not all SAHDs are latte papas. To qualify, you have to be attractive, somewhat metrosexual, a caring dad, and kind of a Hipster. Also, you can't declare yourself as a latte papa, the name has to be bestowed upon you by an independent party, typically a woman who is objectifying you.

The term may also appear as "Latte Pappa" or "Latte Dad." And it is just one of many slang terms that refer to parents; some others include Soccer mom, Walmart Mom, and NASCAR Dad.


Oohhh la la, check out that latte papa near the fireplace

When you see the latte papa across the room.

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Updated March 20, 2020

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