What does JUIL mean in messages and on social media?

Just you I love

JUIL is an acronym that tells someone they are the only one for you. Most people use it in messages, such as when texting or chatting online, while some may also use it on social media, accompanying a mushy, romantic post and picture(s).

For example, you might text your romantic partner "JUIL" while they are working to reassure them of your love. Or, you might post a tribute to your husband on Instagram for your anniversary and end it with "JUIL. 4eva."

While people may use JUIL platonically, most people use it for romantic love. You will likely be able to tell how it's intended by who sent it, but if you are unsure, you might want to clarify (otherwise, sitcom-like hilarity might ensue).


You've been watching football all day. What do you love more? Me or that stupid game?!
JUIL! U r my whole world!
JUIL is a romantic acronym that may make the recipient swoon
JUIL is a romantic acronym that may make the recipient swoon

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Updated May 16, 2023

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