What does KHUF stand for?

Know how you feel

KHUF stands for "know how you feel." Chatters and texters use this acronym to commiserate with others.

Specifically, you can use KHUF if you've gone through the same experience as the person you're chatting with. For example, if a friend you're chatting with was recently fired from their dream job, and you have also been fired from your dream job, you could tell your friend "I KHUF."

If you have not been through the same experience as the person you are attempting to commiserate with, you should not use KHUF. For example, if your friend's dog dies, and you have never owned a pet, you likely should not tell your friend that you know how they feel, as your sympathy might seem patronizing.


KHUF, the same thing happened to me last year

An inappropriate use of KHUF

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Updated December 7, 2020

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