What does IYSWIM mean in messages?

If you see what I mean

IYSWIM is a clarifying acronym people send in messages when trying to get a person to understand something from their perspective. It means the same thing as, "If you know what I mean" (IYKWIM).

For example, you may explain your side of the story after being confronted by your friend in a text, then end your explanation with "IYSWIM." Or, you might provide a solution to a technical question via message, "you have to connect the hdmi cable, then configure the settings, iyswim. you can't do it the other way around."

People may also use IYSWIM online in forums and on social media. For example, a person arguing their political viewpoint on X (formerly Twitter) may use IYSWIM repeatedly to ensure they are on the same page.


its hard to be sure without more information iyswim
tru. ill try to get more deets from shari
You will likely see IYSWIM in messages, but you may also see it online
You will likely see IYSWIM in messages, but you may also see it online

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Updated December 5, 2023

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