What is a larper?

Live action role-player

A larper is a person who engages in real-life LARP events, playing the part of a fictitious character in an imaginary setting. For example, if your brother goes to the park with 20 of his friends to re-enact the Star Wars battle for planet Hoth, he's a larper.

Larping typically revolves around a fantasy story that may come from a movie, TV show, book, comic, etc. Common LARP scenarios include medieval elements as seen in LOTR or GoT. Larpers often dress up (and may bring safe "weapons") and adopt the personality of their character to immerse themselves in the fantasy.

People often ridicule larpers for "playing pretend," but the pastime has steadily grown in popularity since the 1970s when people began formally organizing LARP events. Online communities have greatly contributed to the rise, allowing larpers to better organize events and share ideas and experiences.


I heard that you're a medieval larper?
Uh...who told you that?
I have more sources. ;)

Larpers preparing for battle

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Updated October 31, 2023

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