What does RPC stand for in roleplaying communities?

Role play chat

RPC stands for "role play chat," an online chat session where participants act the part of a character. For example, you and your friends may engage in a Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) RPC, where you chat with each other as wizards, fighters, etc., as part of an online campaign.

You can engage in RPC for many types of role play, from medieval fantasy to space aliens to romance. RPCs are available as public and private chatrooms on websites and mobile apps.

RPC is just one of many ways people engage in roleplaying. For example, some roleplaying communities engage in LARP, gathering in person (often in costume) and acting out parts of fantasy characters.


Wanna join our medieval RPC later today?
Uhh, I think I have something going on later today

There's always that guy in RPC

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Updated March 6, 2023

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