What does it mean to LEP?

Love emo people

LEP is a way to tell others to love emo people when messaging or texting. For example, if your friends ridicule a kid in your class via text because he's emo, you might chime in with, "Lay off Derek. Let's LEP, not bully them."

It's tough being emo. First, you are likely a teenager dealing with physical changes and unrelenting pressure to fit in. And then you always have to wear something edgy (typically black) and listen to whiny music.

Since emo people often stand out and can get pretty emotional, people often bully (or cyberbully emo individuals. People trying to stand up for them in these situations may use LEP to transform hate into love.

However, since LEP is obscure, it will likely confuse the recipients and not achieve the intended outcome. Therefore, you should spell it out unless they are incredibly slang-savvy.


LEP, because emo ppl are great!
Tru dat! Now play some Jimmy Eat World!

Emo people need love, too

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Updated April 11, 2023

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