What does LO stand for when discussing children?

Little one

Parents and others who interact with small children use LO to mean "little one." This acronym is a short and sweet way to refer to a short and sweet kid.

Typically, parents use LO when discussing their own child. For example, a friend who has a small child may send you "can't make it out tonight, LO really acting up" to let you know they'll be busy parenting this evening. (Parenting: The fullest of full-time jobs, amirite?)

As a child ages up toward tweendom, their parents may stop referring to them as an LO. However, the child will likely always be an LO in their parents' hearts.


Aww, your LO is so cute!
A parent discussing their LO on Reddit
A parent discussing their LO on Reddit

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Updated September 22, 2022

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