What does smol mean?

Small and cute

Netizens often describe cute children, puppies, kittens, and other tiny sweethearts as smol. This slang term means "small and cute," and it can be applied to any small person, animal, or item that is totally adorbs.

What is the origin of smol?

While smol's exact origin is unknown, the term's first known use occurred on Twitter in 2008. Then, around 2015, smol somehow became popular among two distinct groups of Internet users: fans of the band Twenty One Pilots, and those who use the playful slang terms known collectively as DoggoLingo.

The Twenty One Pilots fans began referring to Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph as a "smol bean," a term meant to express their endearment for the 5' 9" singer. The DoggoLingo users began using smol to describe cute puppies and other pets. From there, smol took over Tumblr, Twitter, and other social media platforms - because if there's anything Internet users love, it's small, cute things.


OMG, he's so smol, my heart's melting!
Damian Wayne would hurt you if you called him smol to his face
Damian Wayne would hurt you if you called him smol to his face

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Updated September 21, 2021

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