What does LULAB stand for?

Love you like a brother

When you really care about a guy in a non-romantic way, you can send him "LULAB" to show him your appreciation. It is a slight variation of the more common LYLAB acronym, which also stands for "love you like a brother."

When do I use LULAB?

People typically use LULAB in text messages and online, especially on social sites, to convey a deep, brotherly love for someone. It may be a BFF that you've been friends with since grade school or a really good friend you've grown close to over the last year.

In some cases, you could use LULAB if you are trying to put a guy crushing on you into the brotherzone. If he takes the hint you can avoid having the awkward confrontation where he tries to land a wet one on you and you have to swerve.


You know I LULAB!

Sometimes brotherly love can be dangerous

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Updated May 25, 2021

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