1. What does BIL stand for?

Boss is listening

BIL is an acronym used to notify the recipient that his or her boss is listening or watching the chat session. It is similar to the PAW and POMS acronyms.

Since the work environment is not the most appropriate place to talk about personal or offensive employees have to be covert about their conversation content. The acronym allows the sender to discreetly tell the recipient to be careful what he types in a way that the boss wouldn't notice.


BIL right now!

When BIL to your conversation

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Updated May 16, 2017
2. What does BIL stand for?


BIL is an acronym that stands for "brother-in-law" and is typically used in text messages, emails, and chatrooms. The acronym refers to the brother of a partner's spouse or husband of a sibling.

MIL, FIL, and DILare used to refer to "parent-in-law" relations. And SIL is used for "sister-in-law" or "son-in-law".


I get along with my BIL pretty well
BIL means
BIL means Brother-in-law

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Updated April 11, 2018

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