What does LYLAB stand for?

Love you like a brother

LYLAB is a quick way to tell a guy that you love him like a brother. Most people use it online, especially on social media, and in text messages, to communicate a deep platonic love for someone.

LYLAB is often used by a sender when he feels a lot of affection for someone. He may have just received an act of kindness or may just be in a really good mood.

People may also use LYLAB to tell someone who likes them romantically that they aren't interested in them like that. When using it this way, they are placing the guy in the brotherzone, which is nearly impossible for the crushing guy to escape.


You're the best, I LYLAB!
When you get hit with the "LYLAB" from your crush
When you get hit with the "LYLAB" from your crush

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Updated May 25, 2021

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