What is lv1 short for in messages?

Leave one

In messages, if a person sends you "lv1," they want you to "leave one." They may be referring to reserving various things, such as a burger for dinner, a seat for a play, or a ticket for an amusement ride.

For example, your friend may be late for a seat on the bleachers for another friend's sporting event and text you, "imma be late but lv1 spot 4 me!" Or your brother may want you to reserve a movie ticket by messaging you, "i wanna see the movie, too. lv1 for me."

While you will likely see lv1 in messages, you may also see it on social sites. For example, a person may comment on a post by a friend about free bobbleheads, saying, "lv1 4 me!"


If you are able to save seats, pls lv1 for me
Will do!
Although uncommon, you will likely see lv1 in messages
Although uncommon, you will likely see lv1 in messages

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Updated August 21, 2023

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