Gimme has 2 meanings
1. What is gimme short for?

Give me

Gimme is an abbreviation for "give me," which is used when someone really wants something. It is often used by kids in a whiny tone.

When the abbreviation is used by adults it is usually meant to be cute or funny. It is also commonly used in songs, especially rap, because it's easier to say and rhyme with other words.


Oh nice, you got my fav flavor, gimme some!

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Updated September 30, 2016
2. What does gimme mean?

Easy golf putt

Gimme is a golf term for an easy putt. It is so close to the hole that the golfer doesn't even have to putt it in.

Gimmes are not a part of formal play, only when casually playing. It occurs when other people golfing with you agree that it's such an easy putt that you automatically count it in the hole without actually having to putt it in.


That's such a gimme, you can just pick it up

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Updated September 29, 2016

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