Main Character Energy

What is main character energy?

Confidence and poise

Main character energy is a variation of BDE that refers to when a person is living their best life, exuding confidence and poise. They are choosing to put themselves first and solidify themselves as the main character of their story.

People often use the term to remark on how a person is carrying themselves, including their appearance and behavior. For example, your friend may be rocking a fit, which includes a bold demeanor, and you remark, "Dang, gurl! You got that main character energy!"

People may also use it to encourage others to reclaim their narrative in other areas of their life by prioritizing their mental, emotional and physical health. For example, your friend might have just been fired from her job and needs to take some time off to recalibrate and work on her main character energy.

Main character energy in the dating world

You may also hear main character energy used in the dating world when a person focuses on improving themself and satisfying their own needs instead of looking for a romantic partner and pleasing others. For example, if your friend is weary of dating, you might recommend that she gets her main character energy back by doing things that make her happy.


Brian got his main character energy and has been doing well
He looks great, too!
Manifesting main character energy in your 22nd year
Manifesting main character energy in your 22nd year

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Updated October 12, 2022

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