What does BDE stand for?

Big D*** Energy


BDE stands for "Big d*** energy," which is another way to say that a person has confidence or "swag." It is often used on social media to compliment people.

It became popular in 2018, particularly on social sites like Twitter, then spread to more usage in in-person contexts. The acronym comes from the notion that well-endowed males are more confident and comfortable with themselves than males with inadequate "groin parts."

People with BDE can be mistaken for being cocky, but really they are just confident and comfortable with who they are. While it is more often used to describe confident males, it may also describe confident females. BDE may be used in a variety of situations, like when a player makes a big shot, when a worker does well on a presentation, or when a person is the life of the party.


LeBron's got that BDE on his way to becoming the GOAT!
Harry Styles has that BDE
Harry Styles has that BDE

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Updated October 13, 2020

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