Main Character

What does main character mean on social media?

The most important person

When people think they are the "main character," they think very highly of themselves and their importance, as if they are the main character of everyone's story. You may see or hear it in various contexts, but people most often use it on social media when criticizing a person's narcissistic and selfish behavior.

For example, a TikTok user may comment on a video of a person's cringe behavior, "They think they are the main character. Typical Gen Zer." Or, your friend may complain about her sister to you, "I'm so over Jaime. She always thinks she's the main character, she even wore a white dress at my brother's wedding."


I'm done with social media
No doubt. Every influencer thinks they are the main character
Post criticizing an influencer's main character behavior
Post criticizing an influencer's main character behavior

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Updated November 15, 2023

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