What does mascara mean on TikTok?


Female TikTokers, especially, may use mascara as a codeword for boyfriend (or men in general). This slang substitution became popular in early 2023, giving rise to the #mascaratrend.

For example, a user may caption their video "Don't let your first mascara ruin makeup for you." This translates to "Don't let your first boyfriend ruin relationships for you." Or, a user may caption their video "I've used only one mascara since I was 16. Sometimes I wonder what other mascaras would be like." This means the user has had only one boyfriend since they've been 16, and wonders how dating someone else would feel.

#Mascaratrend videos often use other mascara-related codewords to discuss relationships, sex, and SA. For example, they frequently refer to a certain distinctive part of male anatomy as a mascara wand, and a certain distinctive part of female anatomy as a mascara tube. They may also refer to the act of having sex as "using mascara."


I lost my mascara for 5 years, but then I found it again, and I love it even more now
Stills from two #mascaratrend videos
Stills from two #mascaratrend videos

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Updated January 27, 2023

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