What does MBN stand for?

Must be nice

MBN stands for "must be nice." While MBN can be used to genuinely tell someone that something is nice, it is more often used to express jealousy or envy.

For example, if you are gifted a front-row ticket to a Lana Del Rey concert, and you tell your Lana-loving friend about your good fortune, they might respond with MBN. You could then offer to give or sell your friend the ticket, since you don't like Lana Del Rey that much anyway.

MBN is also frequently used on social media, where users can all-too-easily compare their lives to celebrities' and other successful and/or oblivious folks', saying it MBN to be them.


My new job gives the Friday after Thanksgiving off! Isn't that great?
Yeah, MBN. Meanwhile, I have to open at Wal-Mart

MBN to be reading this definition, rather than writing it

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Updated October 19, 2020

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