What is an MBP computer?

MacBook Pro

An MBP is a MacBook Pro, which is Apple's top-of-the-line laptop model. Apple introduced the MBP in January 2006 and continuously releases new models with enhanced features.

Apple typically offers several MBP models with different screen sizes and displays and customizable finishes and features with every new release. Examples of customizable features include the chip (Apple M1, M1 Pro, etc.), CPU, GPU, storage capacity, and battery life.

You will most likely encounter the MBP abbreviation on Apple user and development forums. You may also see it used by techies online in messages and social media or in text messages.


I maxed out my 16-inch MBP and it was so worth it
Unboxing a new MBP on Twitter
Unboxing a new MBP on Twitter

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Updated January 14, 2022

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