What podcast is MBMBaM?

My Brother, My Brother and Me

Podcast fans use the acronym MBMBaM to refer to My Brother, My Brother and Me, a weekly comedy advice podcast. In MBMBaM, hosts Justin, Griffin, and Travis McElroy provide sometimes-inane and sometimes-sincere advice while answering listener questions.

MBMBaM features many other recurring segments, including Munch Squad (in which Justin reads ludicrous press releases sent out by fast food chains), That's a Christmas to Me (in which Justin relates the plot of three Christmas movies, and Griffin and Travis must guess which one is fake), and Reach for the Stars (in which Travis reads Amazon reviews and ratings, and Griffin and Travis must guess what product is being reviewed). In previous episodes, the brothers also provided advice for terrible questions taken from Yahoo! Answers. Sadly, Yahoo! chose to shut down Yahoo! Answers in May 2021, bringing the Yahoo! Answers portion of MBMBaM to an end.

Since launching MBMBaM in 2010, the McElroys have built a podcasting empire. You may hear MBMBaM's hosts on other McElroy family podcasts, including Sawbones, Shmanners, Can I Pet Your Dog?, and The Adventure Zone (TAZ).


What's your favorite MBMBaM segment? I love Celebrity Wines, Why Not?
MBMBaM's podcast cover art
MBMBaM's podcast cover art

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Updated September 1, 2022

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