What does meirl mean online?

Me in real life

Meirl is an abbreviation that combines "me" and "irl" and means "me in real life." People often use meirl online to emphasize how much something (like a meme) relates to them.

You will likely see meirl on social sites, like TikTok and Twitter. For example, if you find a funny video of a kidult, you might share it on Twitter with the caption "OMG, meirl." Or, your friend may send you a picture of a man burritoing during a cold winter night and caption it with "-10 degrees. meirl."

People may also use meirl to describe how they are different in real life compared to online. For example, they may post, "Me online: Loves messaging people. Meirl: leave me alone."


This meme made me think of you
Yasss, meirl
Meirl tweet
Meirl tweet

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Updated February 3, 2023

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