What does MIBG mean in messages?

Mental image be gone

MIBG is a feeling when someone or something has conjured up an unsettling image in your brain, and you want to get it out. For example, if your friend texts you that he kissed your sister the other day, you might respond with, "Ah! MIBG!"

Most people use MIBG when messaging, whether online or in texts. However, people may also use it on social media or forums to react to something they dislike.

For example, a buddy may message you that he manscaped his back hair into a maze, and you respond with, "MIBG!" Or, you might share on Reddit how you like to put mayo on your cookies, and another user responds with, "Disgusting. MIBG!"


Did you see him picking his nose?

That MIBG feeling

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Updated May 8, 2023

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