What does woah mean?

Expression of surprise

Woah is a popular term for expressing surprise, both good and bad. It is the same thing as whoa but less common since "whoa" is the preferred spelling.

People use woah in real life (IRL), online, and in messages in reaction to something they didn't expect or are struggling to believe. For example, your friend may reveal that she just found out her dad isn't her real dad, and you can only utter, "woah." Or, you may get a much better grade on your test than you expected and message your buddy, "Woah, check out my grade in Geometry!"

[h]Origin of woah[/h

The slang term "woah" originated from the Old English "ho" interjection used to express surprise. Throughout the years, the spelling and usage of woah have evolved, becoming a widely recognized term for expressing wonder or amazement.


Woah! I didn't know they were pregnant!
IKR?!? Came as a surprise to me, too!

That woah moment

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Updated April 3, 2023

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