Millennial Baseball

What does millennial baseball mean?

A baseball strategy of swinging for home runs instead of base hits

Millennial baseball is a term coined by Steve Garvey that refers to the strategy of swinging for home runs instead of getting base hits. Garvey created the term in a postgame critique of the Los Angeles Dodgers after they lost to the Houston Astros in Game 2 of the 2017 World Series.

Garvey is a former Dodger who subscribes to the "old school" approach to baseball and believes that millennials are too enamored with dropping bombs and not enough with the basics of baseball. Instead of swinging for dingers, which increases the chance of striking out, he thinks that players should be just trying to get on base and move runners over with base hits, bunts, and sacrifice flies.

Many people criticized Garvey of oversimplifying the Dodgers loss and said that his criticisms were not applicable to the actual in-game situations that occurred. Some also feel that Garvey is just another one of the "get off my lawn" old guys annoyed by younger people.


Man, that millennial baseball sure is ruining the game
That game was one of the best WS games I've ever seen, if that's what millennial baseball is, sign me up!
Reaction to Garvey's millennial baseball comment
Reaction to Garvey's millennial baseball comment

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Updated October 26, 2017

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