Homer has 2 meanings
1. What does homer mean?

Home run

Homer is a baseball term that refers to a home run. It refers to when a baseball player hits the ball over the fence and rounds the bases back to home base.

A homer may also refer to an inside-the-park home run, which is when a player hits the ball and runs around all the bases to home without any errors. Homer is one of many terms for home run, which includes tater, bomb, and dinger. It is similar to an abbreviation of home run, which is HR.


Do u remember when Thome hit a homer to right to win the playoff game last year?

Mike Trout hitting a homer

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Updated February 23, 2017
2. What does homer mean?

Hometown sports fan

A term for a sports fan who always roots for the hometown team; derogatory term used to look down a person because he blindly follows the hometown team, whether it be a major or lesser known sport.


I can't listen to that guy anymore, he's such a homer, he doesn't ever critique the team

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Updated October 15, 2014

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