What is a grounder in baseball?

A baseball hit on the ground

In baseball, a grounder is a baseball hit on the ground that may result in a hit, an out, or an error. It is the shorter version of "ground ball."

Grounder is an often-used term in baseball since it is a common type of hit (along with line drives, pop-ups, and home runs). You will likely hear announcers use it in baseball game broadcasts or see fans use it online.

For example, an announcer may say, "Buxton hits a grounder down the line for a double!" Or a fan may comment, "It's good we have a good defensive infield cause Johnson gets a lot of grounders from hitters."


Lewis hits a grounder past the diving first baseman
That was scorched off the bat!

A grounder off the bat

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Updated December 11, 2023

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