What is a momfluencer online?

A mom who influences other moms on social media

A "momfluencer" is an influencer on social media that posts content directed at other moms. It gained prominence in the late 2010s on Instagram, a photo- and video-sharing platform.

Momfluencing is a controversial trend with critics on both sides. Some argue that it glosses over the hardships of motherhood to present a sanitized, dreamlike existence with perfect, unattainable kids. Also, the momfluencers are trying to sell themselves and products, which makes them appear disingenuous.

Others argue that momfluencers give moms a platform to share their day-to-day experiences when they are often dismissed. And when a momfluencer is authentic, it enables other moms to communicate more honestly and openly.


I'm very wary of momfluencers but I also follow 4 of them and read all of their posts. What is wrong with me?
A momfluencer Instagram post
A momfluencer Instagram post

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Updated October 20, 2021

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