Net Net

What does net net mean in business?

Bottom line

Net net is business speak for "final outcome." Most often, managers use this phrase when asking an employee to state an event's positive and/or negative impacts. Employees may also use net net, when explaining an event's outcome to their co-workers or manager.

For example, if your boss asks you what the net net of changing distributors has been, they want to know the effects that changing distributors has had on your business. In this case, you could (hopefully) answer "The net net is very good. We're saving money and our product is getting out faster."

Typically, when someone asks you to describe an event's net net, they want you to do so as succinctly as possible. So, don't waste time explaining why the event had the outcome it did. Instead, just describe the event's effects.


Net net, we're losing money very quickly
Well we better fix that!
Net net means "bottom line"
Net net means "bottom line"

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Updated July 28, 2023

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