What does netdecker mean?

A player who looks up decks online

A netdecker is a TCG or CCG player who looks up, builds, and plays decks they found online. For example, many Magic: The Gathering (MTG) players copy decklists from and play those decks at their LGS. Those players are netdeckers.

Some players frown upon netdecking, because they believe everyone should play original decks they thought up themselves. But in the Internet era, it's silly to expect that players won't utilize the 'net while building decks.

If you dive deep into any TCG or CCG, you'll likely build a netdeck at least once. Netdecking is a great way to examine strategies and decks you may not have thought of yourself, and playing with netdecks can help you improve your own deckbuilding skills.


He's just a netdecker. He couldn't make an original deck if he wanted to
To some players, netdecking is still a sin
To some players, netdecking is still a sin

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Updated December 1, 2021

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