Coming For Necks

What does coming for necks mean?

Means business

When someone is coming for necks, they mean business; they aren't playing around; they are focused on getting a job done and doing it impressively. For example, a model who is killing a fit on the cover of a magazine, is coming for necks.

The saying became popular on social media in 2022 to describe a person's intense focus or awe-inspiring ability. It plays off the same sentiment as slaying, where a person is so determined, they could kill.

Despite its association with murder, coming for necks is not meant to be a negative phrase; people actually use it to be primarily positive. For example, people may use it to describe an athlete performing at an extremely high level, a talented musician, or a very confident speaker.


My gurl is coming for necks. Her song is fire!
Tweet about a diva coming for necks
Tweet about a diva coming for necks

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Updated May 23, 2022

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