What does CCG stand for?

Collectible card game

CCGs, or "collectible card games," are games in which players collect sets of cards, use them to assemble a custom deck, and battle each other. These games typically print different cards at different rarities, making some cards more scarce and valuable than others. As a result, collectors often collect and sell rare CCG cards. Examples of popular CCGs include Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering (MTG), and the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

What is the difference between a CCG and a TCG?

As you might know, TCG is an acronym that stands for "trading card game." These games allow and encourage players to trade cards with one another, to build stronger decks.

Most, but not all, CCGs are also TCGs. Which is to say, most CCG players trade cards among each other (usually, players attempt to trade cards of equal value). Some digital CCGs, however, do not allow trading. For example, Hearthstone does not provide a way for players to trade cards with each other, and Magic: The Gathering Arena differs from its physical counterpart in that it does not allow trading.


I like CCGs better than board games

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Updated July 15, 2021

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