What is nonb short for in emails?


Nonb is short for "non-business," which is often used in the subject line of professional work emails when the content is not business-related.

It is meant to be a helpful heads-up to colleagues in the email thread that the email is off-topic (in relation to work stuff) and not urgent. The abbreviation may be capitalized as "NONB" and typically followed by a colon and the subject.

Some examples of nonb messages include invites for colleagues to a fantasy football league or housewarming party or an announcement to co-workers that you're expecting a baby. Since employees typically have their email client open, sending nonb emails is often quicker and easier to communicate to others than via texts or instant messages.


Nonb: Housewarming party this Saturday!
Fantasy draft this Thursday, don't tell Bob
Fantasy draft this Thursday, don't tell Bob

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Updated December 8, 2020

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