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1. What is re short for in an email?


Re is short for "regarding," which is an abbreviation often used in the subject line of a reply to an email. It indicates that the current message was sent as a reply to a previous message.

There is some disagreement about what "Re" actually means. Some argue that it comes from the Latin phrase "in re," which means "in the matter of." Others argue that it is just an abbreviation for "reply," "replying," or "regarding."

"Re," or "RE," is added to the subject line of the message automatically by the email client when a user in the message thread replies to the original message. The subject line begins with "Re," which is then followed by a colon and the original email title, i.e. "RE: The original message subject."

The abbreviation helps users quickly identify that the email they received is regarding a different, original message that should be included in the thread. You will see it in personal and professional email correspondence when sending emails back and forth.


Did you see the message RE the office party Friday?

When you are overloaded by replies regarding the office party

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Updated December 8, 2020
2. What is re short for in online gaming?


Re is an abbreviation for "Rematch" that is used in online gaming. It is typically sent with a question mark by a player after a game has finished in order to ask the other player if he would like to play again.

The abbreviation is typically only used by gamers that enjoyed playing the previous match and either want to continue their winning streak or have another chance at defeating the opponent. It also implies that the game parameters will all remain the same unless the other player(s) says otherwise.

The "re" abbreviation may also be short for "Replay," in online gaming which can refer to a video replay of the gaming action or is another way to "Rematch." Resident Evil is also commonly abbreviated as "RE."


N1! Re?

Ready for a rematch

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Updated February 19, 2020
3. What video game is RE?

Resident Evil

RE (Resident Evil) is a horror video game series that debuted in 1996. It was the first entry in what has come to be known as the survival horror genre - a collection of games in which players must scrape together supplies, fight, and solve puzzles to survive amidst a terrifying setting.

Many entries in the RE series take place in Raccoon City, a fictional Midwestern city that is home to the Umbrella Corporation. When the Umbrella Corporation's bioengineering experiments accidentally create a horde of human, plant, and animal zombies, players must investigate and stop the outbreaks.

The RE series remains popular enough to this day, and it has spawned many notable multimedia spinoffs, including a feature film franchise. In Japan, RE is known as Biohazard, so you may also see the series referred to by that name.


Which RE is your favorite? I still really love RE4.
The RE logo

The RE logo

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4. What is re short for?


A gaming term that means the person wants to play again; usually stated by the loser who want to play again to see if he can win next time; can also mean "redo."


gg re?

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Updated August 6, 2014

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