What does OA stand for?


When you think someone is being a bit over-the-top, you can say they are OA ("overacting"). This term comes from theater, where actors sometimes overact while portraying larger-than-life characters.

What is overacting?

Overacting is a style of acting in which an actor exaggerates their character's actions and overemphasizes their character's dialogue. Actors typically do this purposefully, to draw attention to how odd or irregular their characters are.

For example, the 1966 Batman TV show is filled with actors (hero, villain, and bystander alike) overacting, to match the show's colorful and campy tone.

Can non-actors overact?

Sure. If you've ever heard a sibling complain about how your parents treat them differently than you, you've likely encountered IRL OA. (e.g. "But Maaahhhhmmm, it's just not faaaaiiir.")


Dude, OA much? Just give me a normal response.

Jim Carrey is known for OA in his comedies

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Updated August 17, 2021

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