What does CAC mean in messages?

Cool as a cucumber

If you are calm and composed, you are "CAC," which stands for "cool as a cucumber." The saying comes from the fact that the inside of a cucumber is cooler than the air around the cucumber (eventually shortened for messaging purposes).

There are many instances in which you may be CAC. For example, if you are in an intense conflict at work but keep calm and navigate it to a reasonable solution, you are CAC. Or, you are CAC when in a situation where your physical safety is at risk (a police officer, a soldier, etc.), but still perform admirably.

Additionally, people use CAC in competitions to describe participants who rise to the occasion and perform well when the stakes are high. These players may be QBs in a championship game, gamers in a big match online, etc.


How are you doing?

You gotta be CAC to work in a busy kitchen

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Updated April 25, 2023

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