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1. What does def mean in sports and games?


An abbreviation for defense that is often used in gaming or fantasy football.

In gaming, the abbreviation refers to the ability of a player to defend against attacks. It may also represent a defensive statistic for armor items.

In fantasy football, it refers to a team's defense, which is 1 position in a lineup. The defense can score points for your team by holding opponents from scoring, making interceptions, sacks, and fumbles, or scoring TDs off opposing offenses.


How much def does that chest plate have?

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Updated October 20, 2016
2. What does def mean?


Def is a common abbreviation used to express certainty about a matter, such as what a person wants to eat for dinner or if they will attend a gathering. For example, "ill def c u after the party 2nite!"

You will likely see def in texts and online messages, including on social media, forums, and YouTube comments. For example, your friend may ask if you want pepperoni or sausage on your pizza, and you reply, "Def pep."

People (often teenagers) may also use it verbally in person. For example, your friend may say, "Like, I'll like def come over, like haha!"). Or, they may use def (or "most def") as a substitute for "yes" or "bet" to answer affirmatively.


he's def right about that one
fo sho!

Most def!

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Updated February 23, 2024

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