What does totes mean in messages and online?


Many female tweens, especially valley girls, use "totes" as a cute abbreviation for "totally." They often send it in texts and online messages, post it on social media and say it in person.

Origin of totes

The slang abbreviation "totes" originated in the late 2000s, partially because of its usage in the 2009 bro comedy I Love You, Man. In the movie, Paul Rudd utters the abbreviation when excited about hanging out with his BFF).

Totes soon became popular, especially in the early 2010s, and has since stuck around in the slang lexicon. While it does have a practical purpose as an abbreviation, most people use it for fun or to be silly.

Nowadays, many people use totes with adorbs to describe something really adorable. For example, your friend may text you "Totes adorbs!" in reaction to a pic of your newborn daughter.


I'm totes going to the party tonight!
Me, too!
A "totes adorbs" tweet
A "totes adorbs" tweet

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Updated March 7, 2023

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