On Foe Nem Grave

What does on foe nem grave mean?

I swear

When someone says, "On foe nem grave," it means that they are telling the truth. It's similar to saying, "On my friend's grave," which emphasizes the sincerity and seriousness of their statement or another statement with which they passionately agree.

For example, your friend may adamantly declare that he has no idea where your wallet went, "iono on foe nem grave." Or, you might emphasize that you saw a celebrity at the grocery store on X, "on foe nem grave, ciara was buying toilet paper."

Origin of on foe nem grave

While the origins are unclear, "on foe nem grave" traces back to gang slang in Chicago, Illinois. The "foe nem" part of the phrase refers to "homies" (friends), which comes from the Four Corner Hustlers gang (founded on the west side of Chicago in the 1960s). On foe nem grave gained popularity in the late 2010s, especially among the Chicago rap community, which bled into social media and a wider audience.


I gotta work late so don't wait up
if you miss joe's game in the morning imma end u. on foe nem grave
On foe nem grave post on X
On foe nem grave post on X

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Updated May 24, 2024

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